POTW + Community Update #13 - There are no puns for Coutini....

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Wooo two days late,
That's mostly because It was Easter weekend and i wasn't at home and yesterday was super busy xD.

So big news this week is that unfortunately @coutini is stepping down as the admin of the mini-servers. Now it seems like i write one of these a week these days so i will try not to make them all samey samey. But Coutini stepped in after @Inge decided to step down, and trust me that's a tough act to follow and he did it spectacularly *Not in my eyes because inge has been and always will be a pain in my ass ;)*. I'd like to say coutini bought exceitement and energy back to the miniservers but he was the most relaxed person i think i have ever had on the admin team and yet he always made it fun when i came on the servers just to piss around.

But stepping into his shoes is @Borthy. It wasn't an easy decision to make as it came down to @Borthy and @Oriichilari. They both have been staff for a long time, they both love the community and they both put in good hours and everyone loves them.......which *cough thanks @Portal and @LogicPolice for helping me decide.......not*. But i had to give this oppertunity to Borthy because she was advised not to go for admin last time but i this time she really wanted to go for it and i beleive she can do a good job :3

So welcome to the admin @Borthy and good riddance @coutini :kiss:

Now for player of the week

The winner this week is @iwan10011 .

I'd love to say that it was a join decision between coutini and borthy however the meeting mostly went like so:
Sonic: So player of the week, what you got?
Coutini: I've put It on the board. But its Iwan10011 because he has really stood out on the miniservers
Sonic: Cool, that's great. So its iwan.....unless you want to pick someone else for POTW Borthy?
Borthy: Huh? what? i mean no he's fine :3

....So Well done Iwan10011 your wings will be on your back soon :tongue:

And the runners up we've got:
The gaming Mario

And well done to this weeks promotions

No trusted :'(

and our newest Janitors:
@Portal has been put on a 6 week trial..........according to what coutini put on the board.....which has now been corrected to a two week trial. So good luck :smile:

So for donations, usually we just give them some recognition and a thankyou for donating, as it really does help the community out. becuase 100% of all donations goes into the GG piggy bank and it helps fund the servers and keeps the features coming in from any premium addons that any staff want (This one is rare and sometimes comes out my pocket xD)
But this month Thank you to
✪ Nes [GG]
and a MASSIVE thank you for @Shewolf ......and if you want to know why she gets a little more recognition just go check out the donation scoreboard


  • BorthyBorthy Posts: 85Veteran
    I hope I can do the mini servers proud and of course I have a great team of Janitors who I know and hope will still support me. Well done to @iwan10011 for POTW. I will say I did actually put your name down for my vote but @Sonic_Cloud has seemed to have forgotten to mention that part... I wonder why...? *cough* dick *cough*

    But thankyou to @Inge who was my admin for only a short time and to @coutini who has been with me since I got janitor, you helped me through my Janitor trial and I hope you can still advise me on some things for Admin.
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    Congratulations Iwan for being POTW again!
    Congratulations @Borthy for getting Admin, I´m sure you will do fine!

    And sad to see you step down from MiniServers @coutini , but I reckon you did a great job.
    Hopefully I still will see you online.
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    Grats @Borthy for admin and you @iwan10011 for POTW again.Sorry to see you go @coutini i havent really played with you much but in the times we did it was great.Meanwhile im still confused how im a runner up already while i was POTW like...3 weeks ago?a month?idk il check *not*
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    I just checked i was on march 20 POTW which is literally 1 day before a whole month and im already runner up again also i just checked the donation scoreboard *thanks for the fake link @Sonic_Cloud * and wow 210% for this month xD i dont want to say thank you @Shewolf not cause im mean but cause its not my server and sonic already said thank you but i still wanted to put in here somehow <3
  • PortalPortal Posts: 390Veteran
    Borthy said:

    and of course I have a great team of Janitors who I know and hope will still support me.

    I will support you Booooorty
  • The_narratorThe_narrator Posts: 177Community_Member
    I will support you too borthy however my support shall manifest itself in killing you on deathrun k thnx bai
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