POTW + Community Update #12 - A Rose By Any Other Name....

Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
Well this has been an interesting week for me. How to start off the biggest news is that Rose the admin of jailbreak has decided to step down for personal reasons and taking her place is Bobby Freddie. He'll be looking after the server from now on so if you have any problems questions or any sort support go to him or his janitor team.

Although Rose has stepped down I hope she's not going to leave it completely, she's been around for a long time she'll be getting the veteran rank and although she told me she wouldn't be able to come on for a little while that rank will be waiting for her until she does come back.

As for other updates in the community some of you on our TeamSpeak may have noticed we have some fancy new rank icons, personally I never really liked the Shields we had so the switch away was very much welcomed from me.

Also hoping this week to have some new pointshop stuff for all the servers.

And is Easter weekend this weekend which means from Friday to Monday we're going to have some exclusive pointshop items for you to get your grubby mitts on. The things can be anything from rabbits ears , rabbits tails to carrots or Easter Eggs all sorts of little things like that, however these things won't be able to be bought they will be handed out by the admins of the server to players who they think deserve them they won't be given out to people who ask for them they won't be given to people beg for them they won't be bought from the admin. They will be given out to players who play the game and are friendly and it will only be given out for this weekend. And I am hoping to have a special skin available for a couple of people for that weekend and this skin will only be available this is the weekend.

As now for player of the week

The winner this week is @Yuri_Katsuki .
Kat has been super, friendly super active and most of all she's a lovely person. She is always a pleasure to have on the server,no matter which one she plays. so well done Kat your wings should be attached to you soon.

And the runners up we've got:
[AC] Portal

And well done to this weeks promotions


and our newest Janitors:


  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    Congratulations Super and Dj!
    And ofc congratulations Kat, you deserved it!!! :)

    Also sad to see Rose go, I'll miss her, but I'm sure bobby will do fine (eventho I only know you from CSGO :P)
  • Yuri_KatsukiYuri_Katsuki Posts: 31Community_Member
    YAY FINALLY gg everyone
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    Took you long enough kat xD grats on Superr and Dj for jan along with artix as trusted.I had a dark thought in the back of my head that rose was going to go for how inactive she has been and i am really sad to see her go but i know she applied for her first job and it would have been difficult for her to be admin at the same time.Hopefully she will still be on GG and not leave forever <3
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Back to Jan >:D. Sad to see you go Rose, I didn't play with you as my Admin loads but I played back when we were Jans, you were funny and chill. Always a laugh so I hope you continue playing!
  • JonnyJonny Posts: 307Community_Member
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