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RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
So I think there should be a server circulating around a deathmatch type map. Me and some other members of GG (McDude, Zunni, Silent, Portal, Wezzy) were playing JB and no one was guard so we had a deathmatch style fight, and some of us made teams. Maybe we could even use a hunger games style map and plant weapons around the map. another aspect of this idea is a "Conquering" element where you can "take over" places in the map- Armoury, roof, MedBay, Disco. I know that this may be a mammoth task for owners, admins and mamagers, but I think if we got enough people behind it we may be a ble to make it happen. I would be open to any suggestions or ideas, But thanks for reading :)


  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    Great idea, but it is one hell of a mammoth task doing this from scratch however there is already gamemodes of this nature out there and they do interest me. but as it is, we dont really want to open anymore servers right now. but maybe what things start picking up :3
  • RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
    @Sonic_Cloud Thanks, I see what you're saying and I think if enough people put time towards it. we could make it really good :)
  • AntidoteAntidote Posts: 60Community_Member
    If nobody is going guard you can either:
    Go to a different server
    Become guard
    As an added note, when the server is full this will be useless.
  • RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
    @Antidote I'm not saying that this thing is a bad thing, I'm just saying that if enogh people enjoy it, we should do more about it
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  • AntidoteAntidote Posts: 60Community_Member
    I never said you thought it was a bad idea, I said that I think it's a bad idea (which it is).
  • RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
    @Antidote Ok, that's your opinion, and I respect that
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