POTW + Community Update #9 - A New Hope!

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So since I'm doing these now, I thought it best to combine both a player of the week and the community update full stop this is mostly because I really don't want to write two posts. So big things happening in the community this week include NICHOLLTRON stepping down as the admin of TTT. Now it took me by surprise however I understand why he stepped down, just lose the passion running the server and I understand it he just he lost it. Now he assured me he still loves the server he still loves the community be just doesn't want to do it as an admin, however he's still going to help out as a veteran on the server.

So I would like to thank him for supporting TTT for as long as he has and I hope to keep in the community as long as we're going. Now before he stepped down he did say that he wanted kodi to be his replacement, now given that he's being a janitor nearly as long as Nic has been an admin in made sense for him to be the next admin. Kodi cares about the servers and he cares about the community so I welcome him into the admin circle and hopefully he'll continue to take TTT onwards and upwards.

Other things that we've been discussing during the admin meeting today was the idea of an Easter update with a few nice little add-ons and pointshop items for all of you to get your grubby little hands on , this update will go live the weekend of Easter which is in Mid April. more about this will probably come up in a later update.

And because I'm probably going to be called out on this yes I did use the template for the player of the week stuff from Joe

A big well done to the following for being promoted this week:


Hackett JJ

Captain Condom

A massive thank you to the following players who have helped support the community by donating:

This week's Player of the Week is:

TheGamingMario has been super active recently, and helping out the community by donating, and a little birdy has told me he has his eyes on trusted :P. Lets see if we can get his name on the list is a future update :3

Runners up:
MuffinYandere - Jailbreak


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