Community Update #8.5.1 - The Joe Strikes Back

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Well, since @Sonic_Cloud couldn't be bothered to tell you guys what I do in the community now, I'll have to do it myself.

So, what don't I do anymore?
Near enough everything I used to do. No more development stuff, no more promotion/demotion stuff, no more dealing with complaints stuff, no more staff management stuff.

Why's that?
There are many reasons why this has happened including (but not limited to): My responsibilities in the community were becoming too much to handle with an apprenticeship on the go, Sonic wants to involve himself in the community more, therefore he has STOLEN MY JOBS, the amount of 'petty' things that I have had to try and deal with recently got close to driving me to insanity and beyond.

Related GIF:

What do you do now?
Well, I guess I enjoy my retirement in the community (sort of) - I'm still a staff member, and can deal with incidents if need be, however, I am not the first person that people should go to if they need help. You could compare me to a 'floater' - If an admin isn't around, then I have the ability to stand in for them. Other than that, I just laze around and be awesome (as always).

And another:

Sonic likes to think of me as the 'community' guy now, which means that unfortunately, I have to chat to you horrible lot more often! I will start to host regular events like karaoke nights to help strengthen the community, and will do any other community-based stuff you can think of.

One more:

If you're still scratching your head, come and have a chat.

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