Trusted To Jans (Kind of Deppresing Rant)

RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
Now, first off, this isn't a post just to shit on the new Jans or Trusted or anything like that. There won't be any names or calling people out. I just think that people are moving up through ranks too quickly and not experiencing the first steps of being a Trusted member. This essentially means they aren't really feeling the first steps of authority with VoteKick, VoteGag, etc. I see this as people just wanting to go right to the top, and I know people could argue that they want to be able to do more so they can help out more in the community. But just think about the time you spent getting Trusted. I for one spent numerous hours per day just getting hours for my Primary Server, Let alone Secondary. Now, I am not saying that people are just going to abuse their Jan powers and this is definitely not me trying to stop people applying for Janitor, but instead me trying to say that you should take time with Trusted and learn the ways of votes, helping out in the server, and not going directly to Jan. I know we have a little shortage in Jans because of university, and all that. But with time, a new Janitor staff will come, and they won't be rushed to do anything they may or may not be prepared to do. That was my little rant, hope you enjoyed :)

P.S Please don't take offense to any of this, I'm sure being a new Jan is intimidating, but these are just my thoughts, not criticisms pointed at any


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    Hey @Raze , I see your concerns.

    To become a staff member, a player needs to have 65hrs playtime (that's an extra 15hrs from Trusted) and meet the additional requirements listed here:

    When a someone is promoted to staff, they undergo a 2 week 'trial' period where they are assessed on how they deal with day-to-day incidents on the server, as well as how they interact with fellow players. If the admin and other staff members do not feel they are suitable for the role, they will not pass their trial and their rank will be reverted. Under exceptional circumstances, their trial period may be extended.

    All of our staff are expected to be mature, fair and responsible. If they do not meet these standards, they will be given warnings, and if necessary, demoted. If you feel like a staff member is handling incidents poorly, or abusing the powers they have been given, you can make a complaint here:

    Please feel free to ask any further questions.
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    As I am an ex Trusted Janitor I am triggered by this post, and believe it is about me and my promotion in 2015.
  • RazeRaze Posts: 16Community_Member
    @sgTwataz Yes, this is actually a post calling you out. We know what you did, and we are coming for you. GET READY
  • sgTwatazsgTwataz Posts: 67Community_Member
    @Raze *Anus is prepared for a good fucking*
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