Oh boy...

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Well, here we are...
I never in a million years thought I would be writing this. Most of you probably know who I am but here is my life story.

I've played a bloody lot of Garry's mod in my time and I've reached over 2300 hours in the past 3-4 years, I've owned my own servers (which inevitably went to shit lmao) and been staff and player on a good 150 servers maybe more. The first gamemode I ever played on gmod was jailbreak so, feeling like a bit of nostalgia, I went to look for a jailbreak server and found GG. Ngl when I first joined gentlemen gamers I was just looking for a jailbreak server to sit on and mess around for fun and do some 'slight' trolling (pls no h8). After spending a decent amount of time on the jailbreak server I, strangely enough, found myself making friends (along with a few enemy's lol) and I found myself becoming "attached" to the community.

Here comes the dark stage
I got banned for a bit. maybe again, and again. but im a nice guy pls

Ok now that's over, let's get back to the story; Recently, I've started to see myself not only joining in-game to play but also come on teamspeak just to talk to the community. And basically everyone who hated me at the start has seen that behind my memes is just another lad playing games on the internet and most have become mates of mine. And basically someone said I should make a forums account so here I am.

Ok thanks


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