TheUmpire's introduction

Hey everyone,

My (real) name is Luc, but (the most of) you will know me as TheUmpire.
I'm 22 years old and I'm from The Netherlands.
I expect a lot of people asking this so I will say it in this post already, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people will ask ''Umpire, you say you are 22, but why do you sound then like a 14-year old guy?'' (like I haven't heard that so much already haha)
Well that has to do with medical reasons. I'm not gonna say them here out loud.
At the moment I study Law at an university.
This is my basic information. So in case you are not interested in how I got here and some other information, I would advise you to go to the last 2 sentences.

I tell you first how I got here and then I will tell a little bit more.
I started playing GMod (only TTT back then) in March 2015. A few months later, I think 4 months, @Inge also started playing on the server I was playing on. We played TTT and spoke on TS sometimes. At one point Inge said that she was staff member on another server. So I followed her and played DR on this server (back then I was still SuperAdmin and Head of Staff on that other server, which was only TTT). This was, I think, October 2016. I played 2 weeks a lot of Deathrun (got to know @coutini and @Rose a little bit) and then I didnt play, because I got Owner on that other server. That server is now dead, I think it kinda died in the beginning of January. So I remembered this server and I started playing Murder on it. I really enjoyed it and now since a week of 2 I actively play on this server; I play DR, Murder and Jailbreak (I never played that gamemode ever before).
When I got here I got welcomed very nicely and all of you (exceptions are there ;)) are nice to me. I feel really welcome here, that definately started with some people I already knew (Coutini and Rose) and some of the staff members (Death The Kid, @SilentNinja, @Borthy ). Also thank you very much for making me POTW last week :).

Now I tell you a little bit more of myself.
As my Steam-name implies: I am an umpire. In case you don't know what an umpire is; an umpire is another word for referree. I umpire field- and indoor-hockey. I do this a lot (think of 70 to 90 matches a year). I umpire for my local club (will tell a little bit more about that soon) as well sometimes for the national hockey-federation.
When I was 13 I got my umpire-card. This means that in October I have my umpire-card for 10 years.
On the age of 15/16 I already umpired Mens 1, Ladies 1, Girls 1 and Boys 1 teams. When I was 16 I was Umpire-coordinator for 4 years. 1 year later I also became a member of the Technical Commitee of the hockeyclub. I umpired already a lot of beautiful (and sometimes high) matches, but I want to keep improving myself and umpire at the highest national level one day.
My highlight as member/umpire of the hockeyclub is that I got 'promoted' to ''Member of honour'' on 31 May 2015 (sorry for the exact date, but its something amazing for me).

(In case you skipped the 2 parts where I tell on how I got here and a little bit more information about myself, you can continue reading here)
Sorry for the long introduction, but I hope you got to know the person behind the Steam-name ''TheUmpire'' a little bit better,
I can imagine that that is very hard, because I don't consider my use of the English language as 'good'.
You are all great people and I can't wait to play online with you!
I might join TeamSpeak soon, but I actually don't want to bother you with my annoying voice.

If you have more questions, you want advise or you just want to talk with me, then feel free to add me on Steam (I almost never bite) ;)


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