Community Update #7 - The Zunni Edition

Welcome to a new week after an eventful weekend,
So this week the biggest thing I wanted to cover was Jailbreak and the fact @Zunni now has officially stepped down. Now i know Zunni did a post here and @joe.aldred did a post here. But i felt like i should cover something here.

Zunni has been a great admin, one of the best the server had. When I offered admin to Zunni he told me that with school starting back up in January he was unsure if he could keep admining on the servers. To which I told him, i didn't care if he had to step down in a few months because the very few time i played on Jailbreak he actually made the game fun for me, he explained the rules and all the new warden games. He was also just a pleasant person to be around and to talk to.

As an admin there was a very noticeable turn around and player count on the server when he took over, but as an admin he was always ready with suggestions and ideas and would always pipe up when there was a problem. He kept using the admin board to help me to my job and keep track of what i need to do.

Now i'd like to welcome @Rose to the admin rank, Rose has been a frequent Donator to the server and has been about for quite some time now. She has some big shoes to fill and i wish her the best of luck.



  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Thx for the kind words <3 it was my plesure.
  • The_narratorThe_narrator Posts: 177Community_Member
    I still want Zunni tbh :( understand your reasons mr bacon master :D but yeh i think time may fall short on us all soon

    I see a dark tunnel appearing and theres no sign of an exit ;) take from that what you will guys :) <3
  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    Well done @Rose you deserve it! I have seen you put so much time and effort into the server over the past year and a half and you have a lot of experience that will be able to help the server go forward. I know you will be a great admin babe. I love you <3 (in a friend way before people get the wrong idea xD)
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