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Hi everyone.
The majority of you know me from Jailbreak here on Gentlemen gamers.
First when many of you first started to play Jailbreak then I was prop a Staff Member.
I have been on this server for more than 2 and a half year now. Not sinse the start of GG but close enough.
I am the current admin on Jailbreak but from today unwards there will be a new great admin to the Jailbreak server here on the GG community.

I leave GG in the hands of a very likeable person "Rose" as the comming admin from today forward. For those of you who do not know Rose then I can say she is a very patient and understanding person who listens to her fellow staff members and always there to welcome new people to the server.

Beside her I leave a good staff team with her there deff will bring new hights to Jailbreak. Bobby, The Narrator, SilentNinja, JustFab and the newest member to the crew Manatee.
Everyone have their own way of moderating - we do try to moderate the semi same way but everyone have their own personality which make them who they are. These staff members all carry something with them that have made it a bit more easy for me to be the admin of this lovely server.
I believe that they can make JB even better then it were before.

And don't worry guys and gurls with their icecream and tears in their eyes.
I wont leave for good. I will just focus on my studies and current situation I am in at the moment. I will still come on every now and then to see how my fav G mod server is doing.

This post was not made as a loooooooooooooooooong essay about my life. Just a brief moment about the situation for everyone.

It have been my plesure to have been a part of the staff team for such a long time and with that last statement I would like to say.

Adios my children
- Hands off that Bacon. It is MINE!!


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