The Look - By LordManatee

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The Look

It was a miserably day like the underground had been let out. Paul a Student attending a school named Oriel high school located in the south east of England, looked around the superior classroom when he noticed something, someone, a rather attractive young lady sitting opposite the classroom from Paul. So Paul decided to look over at his friend Nathan who was sitting near the front of the classroom, trying not to get the outrageous look of the teacher over him.

This girl he knew her name was Emily that was mostly what he knew about her, apart from that they both were in the same Science class and History class, her lavish hair was shining upon the class like God had lost one of his angels. Her beaming baby blue eyes beamed across the class room, Her words, Her mouth, Her glamorous cheeks gloomed like a star in the galaxy.


That lunch Paul sat down with Nathan in the cafeteria eating his smooth yet brilliant Ham and Cheese sandwich when he looked up at Nathan and noticed Emily was walking towards their deserted table he wondered if she was gaining upon him but Paul got up and started to look on edge because of this moment, When Emily came over Paul started to talk about their leisures then Emily said she liked to swim when Paul is a really good swimmer and is on the school’s swimming team. He suggested to Emily that she joins the school’s Swimming team mainly so that they could spent more time together but none of them knew that 6 weeks later…

Just wondering other people's opinions


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