[TTT]Headcrab Launcher

DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
Hey, I enjoy the head crab launcher. It simply drops a ship with head crabs! Great for maps like Rooftops or Minecraft B5 where there are secluded areas. If it's rejected for whatever reason what about the man hack spawner?
Do it?
  1. Add it?2 votes
    1. Add Headcrab launcher!
    2. Add ManHack Spawner!
    3. Don't add either (Choose this if either items are buggy)


  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    We did have them before but I am pretty sure nobody ever used them
  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    They are cool though so if more people want them then maybe @NICHOLTRON can ask for them to be added :)
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    Those are the sort of things that would benefit ttt as they are an extra T weapon, but don't have any shit you have to download.
  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member
    edited February 2017
    At the minute, I'm not looking at adding any new weapons at this moment in time as we need to establish a proper list of everything that we are going to add and remove. The headcrab and the manhacks spawner were very unpopular and was a waste of credit. If there is a strong demand for it, once we have organised a list of addons then I will reconsider adding it back in.

    Thank you for the suggestion anyway, Djharper! If you find anything else that you would like added, then we will look into it. We could do with something cool for the detective to have. :)
  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    Well he must have learnt that from Borthy ;) :)
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
  • Princess_shadowPrincess_shadow Posts: 133Veteran
    :p passive aggressive sticking out tounge
  • Princess_shadowPrincess_shadow Posts: 133Veteran
    oh i forgot i cant spell
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