This Suggestion Could Change The Way You Play Guard On Jailbreak

(IFG) David McBoss(IFG) David McBoss Posts: 15Community_Member
Basically, I Think The AWP Should Be Buffed. I Mean, It Does 85 Damage On A Bodyshot. We Are Talking About An AWP Here, HELLO!? Who Thinks The AWP Should Be Buffed To 110 Damage On Bodyshot? (Oh, And Also Give It 100% Armor Penetration) This Could Enforce A Whole New Playstyle To Jailbreak, And I Think It Will Be Fun :D
To Buff Or Not To Buff
  1. Do u Want AWP To Be Buffed?4 votes
    2. Fuck Your Stupid Idea, David >:(


  • REALJustFabREALJustFab Posts: 55Community_Member
    ^^^DO DIS
  • (IFG) David McBoss(IFG) David McBoss Posts: 15Community_Member
    Or maybe to make it a little bit more balanced, make the magazine size to 5 or 6
  • RoseRose Posts: 395Community_Member
    I'm fairly sure the AWP used to be a one hit kill but was then nerfed as it was considered stupidly OP? I could be wrong as it was a very long time ago.
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    Actually that did happen
  • DornyDorny Posts: 126Community_Member
    This is literally clickbait
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    This is a bit silly, AWPS are fine and if it ever desperately needed a buff wallbangs would be my suggestion.
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