CS:GO competition thingy.

RoseRose Posts: 395Community_Member
I had an idea to host a small CS:GO competition as I've noticed that more and more people in the community are starting to get into the game, and @Saif has kindly offered to give 10k GG PointShop points to the winning team (that's 2k each as each time consists of 5 players). It's purely for fun - so even if you can't hit a single shot, or if you're on some random pro team - feel free to enter! Date: Saturday the 4th of Feb
Time: 1pm - whenever it finishes.
Place: I'll invite anyone who wishes to participate to a CS:GO lobby, and I'm sure you're all familuar with the competitive rooms on TeamSpeak.

Also it's the best of 3 games (depending on how long the 1st one lasts, if it's relatively quick then we can do the best of 3), and each team will consist of 5 players so there are 9 spaces for anyone who wishes to participate. Each team will take a lobby on TeamSpeak, and if you wish to be put on the same team as someone, just poke me on that day and it can be arranged. So if you're interested, just comment below and I'll make a list of who to invite next Saturday! :3


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