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User Robotman has kindly made a discord server for the GG servers, and wants you to join! The server isn't affiliated with the GG servers, offically (yet)... but Robotman and the first new faces on the discord server wants to request it to become an official discord server for GG, unless higher ranked staff doesn't want it to be, we're fine with that aswell. We just want you to join! :D

Here's your invitation link. Click here to Connect

We hope you enjoy the servers!

Sonic Edit!
I edited the url to go to the Official GG servers, just so this post doesn't get taken down for advertising a non-GG server. But i want to keep it up because your intentions and heart were in the right place when you made your one :3


  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    We already have a discord btw :)
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    We already have a discord server which on our main page if you go to our servers :3 but we tend to try and direct people to our official servers instead of independent run servers as they may not reflect our standards :P
  • _gabbie_gabbie Posts: 7Community_Member
    ohhhh, sorry. :/
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    @_gabbie Nothing to apologise for, you didn't know xD
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