Community Update #3

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Let try and keep this one a week updates going! Although there hasn't been much server progress going on
(Due to myself being super busy being an adult and looking at houses and stuff xD)
There has been a few things going on that it might be nice for you all to know about.

As some of you who have donated in the last 7 days may have noticed, our donation page has changed quite a lot, and it may not look as nice or fancy, it is better. It means when any of you want to buy a private lounge, its all handled autonomously. It also helps us to keep all out 3rd party resources in one place.
Take a Peek here

Don't worry, this isnt a change to the rank structure, its just a quick change to the teamspeak ranks. we can now tie your account to your teamspeak.
Read more here.

I have been whitelisting all of you this past week and i have to say. there is quite a few of them and i think @Inzanit is doing a great job over there. and this has given me more motivation to look into other games for our community. ive mostly been looking into a Feed the Beast server, 7 Days to Die or Rust.

Server Stats!
This is for the Garrys Mod Servers
But i'll make sure to get the minecraft stats for you as soon as i can

I think all the servers are doing their best and they have the stats to prove their efforts :3, just ignore the dead patch in the graphs. Thats when the servers were having issues and the hosts had to do some tweaking

And I think thats about all i can cover this week, unless any of my admins/managers want to chime in on anything?
@Inzanit @Zunni @coutini @NICHOLLTRON @joe.aldred


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