Gentlemen Gamers Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server - Community Update #2

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Hi there!
We just created a new, small, Vanilla SMP for people to join.
The server is hosted in the UK and is pure vanilla, no plugins/mods whatsoever.
We've built a small spawn, but that's about it - we still need to explore the Nether and The End together!
We would like people to join our small community that could form into groups outside of just Minecraft.
This server is ran by a friend of mine called @Inzanit and he will be more than happy to help you out in the game :pensive:

We don't have an age restriction nor do we have any joining conditions, but we do ask that you're mature enough to play with our community. We have a Discord server that you will be able to join once on the server.

There's no minimum time limit per week or requirement to make YouTube videos. This is just a chill out, play whenever you want, make friends, SMP.

Click here to sign up to our whitelist

You can connect here:



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