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Hello There I am the SGT wataz, I am an EX staff member of and I am new to this community. I like walk long walks on the beach walk and I am a Serious Roleplayer of roleplay. I am better than all of you as i have money, and find myself humorous with my friends
I usually find myself hating a group of people because they are crap at the game, so I write an edgy post of the forums about them and demand they shouldnt of won POTW as I earnt it with my Superior computer setup, ran off the tears of orphan boys who are listening to the hit song of this year.
I also like David Bowie, he was a good singer and was gone too soon.
I am also a 10/10 retired who uses my vote powers for good, and not evil. I also supply a 10/10 reason for being kick. I also give little shits and dont really have a filter.
I am currently seeking love, I do this by going onto as server and being really talkative about my penis, This is my way of flirting and it works 0.5 of the time. (AKA worked once)
I should of been quoted alot of times, but havent because people feel sorry about me.Also
My best friends are; (will be Updated)
-DErny (ex Firgure skating pathner)
-Joe.Alderon (Ex Planet)
- Flash ( Bang and the stain is gone)
- Aidddeeeee ( Weird chipmunk Helicopter)z
- Portal ( Google the Rule 34 of him)
- Myself ( 10/10 Lover, and Youtube star)

Last Point please make this song go to the top of the charts.

Fuck off?
  1. Should I fuck off?10 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I love you senpai, let me marry you


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