[JailBreak] Nerf the Para... Please....

DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
Hey guys, just gonna pop my salty hatred of the Para here! It's bloody overpowered. Ever played on Blackops? Of course you have! Para's are abundant and ruin the game. Are you good with an AWP? Too bad- That guy can hold M1, point in your general direction and guess what: You die! Sounds too fair almost? Don't forget it's 150ammo clip size! Not only is it so big but it literally one taps in the head! That's literally one in one hundred and fifty bullets that needs to hit? Still too fair- Don't forget it's applicable at any range! This gun is almost too fair!

So yeah, please can we nerf it. In my opinion lower the damage/ Make it impossible to headshot/ increase recoil massively/ decrease accuracy/ lower clip size to around 50-80. Any of these or multiple of these would be good. In my opinion it should have a larger recoil, smaller clip and no way to headshot however even if only lower damage is put on then it's good. I've played a lot of Jailbreak and it gets to the point when someone with 3hrs can kill someone with like 80hrs by using that single gun and holding a button- Not good.

Please nerf... Please...

Put your opinions in comments and if you agree please post how you would nerf/ fix it- after all it's a fix as it is too overpowered.
  1. Should we nerf the Para?4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Change a few things up and see how to tweak it


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