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First off bear with me as this may be a long post :)

also this is designed for the GG servers not just one gamemode either and is a different role entirely from a manager or founder :) as im speaking from expeirence as a CTL before :)

And it's open to feedback from all members too now to the stuff :)

Will Spoiler this to make it easier to Digest

After speaking with various staff members on the subject and based of feedback etc from the Recent trusted meeting aswell as looking into some stats (forum wise) don't have access to the ingame stats and member numbers :).

I feel for the further development of the the GG community Server wide (Jailbreak , TTT , Miniservers) that a Community Team Leader Position is something worth looking at in the short term with a view if the position works out given the growth of the community and the member who gets this role's involvement participation to extend the role in furthering the community development and take some stress off both yourself @joe.aldred and @Sonic_Cloud

Im going to make a point here that may seem harsh i joined in november and up until new year i never knew joe bar the forums good to see you ingame buddeh :) i will try not kill you too much xD back on point previously i have been a community team leader on various forums and 2 ingame platforms :)

The role i specifically was tasked with was around 80% community based 20% staff based i.e Moderation

For this role im aiming more of the community side but should the staff/jan aspect of it be applicable then fair enough

From my expierance ingame with JB we lack content of days (non standard) i mean we have imaginations right so we should start to use them and this is one of the many tasks the CTL position will hold (dont worry ill summarise the role at the bottom)

and from popping on other servers there is potential feedback to be took from each game i know jans can note this but around 65% of the time it will go untouched having someone dedicated to keeping an eye out for it ingame is valueable

They shouldn't however stick to one game they need to be seen as a force server wide gain feedback converse with the community and relay feedback from forums that goes unnoticed along with any meeting feedback as and when applicable :).There are in my personal expeirance a lot to be gained from having this role especially when your Community is growing on a daily basis server wide and getting the valueable feedback you would loose without the position

To go back to my own role before i joined the CTL was never a role and was gave to me after 2 months as staff and we noticed the productivity on the game and forums increased along with the consistent players coming back to the game and to top it off there was the caring portion of the role when a player had got upset had too much your designed there to communicate with them and not loose there membership and their value in the community (i know a few have left GG which sucks)

pretty much a daily role for me consisted of at least 3 hours playtime ingame conversing with the community and interacting aswell of informing them of newly created content that can be utilised and shared in game but in the case of GG this would adapt to say rule changes on any server new modes ingame (TTT , Jailbreak) potential map changes (server wide) and developing more of your community to be able to converse on the forums as not a lot do that i have noticed personally and again i did have moderation to deal with but if the powers that be agree on the idea they have the discression of JAN/staff nesseccity :)

The Reason i stress this personally is the past view days on JB which is one of your more active servers i have ran a vote of the idea of a CTL to which the majority has voted for the idea taking into account no's and those who do not vote at all :) and i will post this forum link ingame to garner feedback from forum members ingame :)

But as a summary the role would be this (if this role goes ahead this can be altered as needed)

1.On a daily basis Ingame and webbased ACTIVELY interact and converse with the GG community Server Wide :)
2.Promote Rule Changes along with previous rules to new comers and regulars
3.Engage your guesting community to join the GG Community we don't bite
4.Promote the forums to the established GG community who are not aware of its presence
5.Develop maintain and update proven and established Days and or modes for respective game servers
6.Attend All forms of meetings and relay community suggestions and feedback to further develop GG
7.Relay Meeting feedback to the forums and GG community at least once per month
8.Moderation (if agreed upon) at any time needed both forum and ingame on all servers(not sticking to one server)
9.If a community member has a grevience issue speak to them about it get the information needed help them out keep them as a member and deal with the situation as appropriate :) (moderation if needed)
10. Be able to commit to the playtime as required PER DAY to support this role
11.Note Potential ideas from community members and give credit on report :)
12.Be mature and accountable for your actions
13.actively have teamspeak installed and used
14.Most importantly Develop and active and working relationship with you community in all aspects of the role
15. Report any bugs/issues noted ingame form yourself and/or members

As i said it would be long and this is a short imprint of the role and it is benificial to such a quick growing and developing community such as GG

any feedback is appreciated along with any potential Questions

The Narrator :)



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    Suggestions about a Community Manager type role have been suggested previously, although mine is in the staff section. I created a discussion about how I would like change to the management system. I don't mean to be harsh or dismissive, and I'm not saying this to try and create anything but from personal experience anything people want to change with these types of things is disregarded, despite how many people want change.

    After my discussion gained some support and people were discussing possible changes, there was a survey for all staff which hinted as some change but not much seems to have happened. Sorry if this isn't accurate, but from when the post was made everything still seems the same. From what I can see, the interests of the community don't matter with this thing, no matter how popular change is. As bad as it is, there is not much point in trying anymore.

    Preparing to be downvoted for openly sharing my opinion without disrespect to others.
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    This has kinda been discussed before in the staff section of the forums. What you have explained is basically another manager which I do not really know why we would need 2. The community is growing but at the end of the day this is a game server and not a school so why does everything have to be so formal (e.g meetings). If people wanna suggest things or have problems then come onto the forums and they will be dealt with. Each server already has an admin who should be on everyday so if the members have problems then surely they can go to the admins? I am against the idea because adding more ranks to an already full rank list is just silly and not needed. The CTL just sounds like a combined rank of what everybody is already doing.

    @Dorny Sonic spoke to people about the survey and he listened to what we had to say. So to say that we were disregarded is not right. I personally feel okay with what happened after your post and things seem to feel better after we got to say how we felt about the system.
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    Hey @joe.aldred! xD
  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member

    Hey @joe.aldred! xD

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    A lot of the statements you put in the numbered list are the general responsibility of the entire staff team. In terms of suggestions, new days and reporting bugs, all of those can be shared on the forums where everyone has the oppourtunity to voice their opinion, just like you have done with this post. I completely see where you're going with this, but I dont think we need a special rank to do what everyone should do collaboratively.
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    Wow. Did my browser just crash?
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    @Kodi what has changed? I was never properly filled in on anything other than being told that no change is happening to management.
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    I'm doing things if that counts
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    Don't be silly @joe.aldred
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    Thanks for the feedback guys and no harm or anything is took i see it all as your rightfull opinions and constructive criticism :)

    and step brothers :D XD
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    Np nr. Final comment. BACON. Let the "mehs" begin.
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    Delicious bacon of baconess
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