Christmas game!

DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
Hey guys, lets play a game! You can have 12 words of Christmas! We are going to write a story but you can only write 12 words each and may only write another 12 words after at least 5 other people! So I will begin:

Once upon a time there was a big fat man called Santa...


  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    ...he drank too much whiskey, crashed his sleigh and died. The end.
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    (Not part of game) FUCK YOU JOE YOU BASTARD (End of triggering).
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    All the poor little reindeers were now all alone...with Santa DEAD.
  • LogicPoliceLogicPolice Posts: 47Veteran
    Mrs. Claus was very sad. She had to do something. But what?
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    She desided to steel the "Manager" rank from joe.aldred for killing Santa.
  • 12 days later
  • JulesJules Posts: 9Community_Member
    Joe got really mad so he also killed Mrs. Santa. The end
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