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Okay so on another server i used to go on, there was an addon that enabled you to have csgo knives that you could use and inspect and stuff, I'll attach the addon below. This would be cool if it was implemented bc I like having these type of knives and it would be an incentive to save up for them and to do as giveaways! Feel free to leave your opinion down below.

Main Addon:
Gamma skin addon (newer skins in csgo):


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  • DornyDorny Posts: 126Community_Member
    It seems the one, the only kayakmainac has spoken
  • DornyDorny Posts: 126Community_Member
    About the actual idea it is nice but it is also another thing that people need to download. Would be a good giveaway prize and a reason to save up points for in deathrun.
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    Hmmm they look allright... buuut its just more to download at starting up. if people want it... they can download the add on themselves?
  • DornyDorny Posts: 126Community_Member
    @Shewolf if people were to download the mod themselves it wouldn't make a difference I don't think as it would be in the shop. If it is in the shop everyone downloads it. For example I have hundreds of mods for gmod skins but obviously only the ones that are in the shop show up in game.
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