What do you spend your time on in jailebreak? (Part 2)

ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
So here is another pic that shows how fun we have it at Jailbreak.

@Heistenduck told everyone 2 "Do a dramatic jump from the Titanic ship" most dramatic jump wins the day. Sadly he never told the prisoners that they would be frozen after they did the jump. Sooo they were frozen there until they died of hunger. Does that not sound fun :D

Join jailbreak and be hit, kicked, shot, starved 2 death, frozen, slapped and shot at gunpoint if the warden feels like it because you don't follow all his rules :D

Commmmeee on I know you would like it ;).


  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Was guided wrong and I don't have the little gear thingy 2 change my post -_- sooo I make a new post with the pic in it.
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    The picture 2 - What do you spend your time on in jailebreak? (Part 2)
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    Join Jailbreak, it's definitely better than Deathrun!

    Even @borthy wan kenobi knows it ;)
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    Join Jailbreak, it's fun to stack the prisoners and mass RDM, a real stress relief!
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