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DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
Hello everybody I'm Djharper, also known as Daniel, and welcome to another suggestion! If you guess the intro I ripped off you win a prize! So, this is not some vital change but maybe a cool feature for the Pointshop for people with lots of points. So, here we go- Companions.

If none of you have seen another Pointshop they have other items such as new hats, marks, badges, augmentations and extra accessories like different wings or other cool stuff. Now I won't even get into that but there is one cool feature, one every server can enjoy! On some servers you can have little creatures following you about. These are cosmetic and allow no way to cheat above others like the laggy wings of doom.

These pets are cool little things that follow you about and could be the final piece of a cool outfit or an awesome feature for players who hoard points (Officially with 33K). They can be anything from headcrabs, Ravens to helicopters!

These would likely he high costing such as 5K for the cheapest up to anything like 20-30K. If necessary they could even be donated only and have one or two for members.

This is just a cool little thing for people to buy with there now useless points as y'all have a dead Jukebox. So, if this doesn't go through it isn't the worst thing but I would love to see it, one issue you may bring up is how they show location but trails and text hats do enough to do that xD. So, thanks for reading and take care!

-Dj, out
How'd you like it?
  1. Implement it?5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. Trial it
    3. If it doesn't lag then yes
    4. No, I don't need no pet yo!


  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    We used to have it on the old new pointshop and we were going to implement it in the new old shop. I don't have the time anymore, so it won't be any time soon unless sonic does it
  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    I still miss my mop & bucket... ;)
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Cool Joe, hopefully if @Sonic_Cloud has the time and wants to help Kids be a true Janitor we can slap it in Pointshop... I wunt Pingu xD
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    @Sonic_Cloud PLEASE??? I want my turtle back ;_;
  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member
    Again and I simply cannot stress it enough. #BringBackMop&BucketOrRiot @joe.aldred !!! :(
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