A tip of the hat to you

Hello everyone, I'm here to give you a cringe fest of an intro with some bad jokes! As Misha the pokemon go kid says: I'm back!

Once Apon a twinkly time a young boy called little red Dj hood was with his mummy kins, he was sad. At his mummy's he had no Internet so he couldn't make fun of Shewolf and talk to his nerdy friends. And he had had enuf!

He set out down a winding path when he met someone wearing an unconvincing outfit and a cup of tea In hand. He looked into his bored eye. 'I am the forum whore, drop your keyboard and hand over ye teabags!' Dj looked at him and sighed, he forgot the Official teabag robber worked on this path, he forgot his teabags. He shrugged and tried to explain he had no teabags, but the fiend would not listen! 'Prepare for thou doom'

The monster pulled out a keyboard and began to type, suddenly Dj flew into the air and felt a small bash. Next he appeared many meters away! An Admin Abuser... Dj had the cure, he called an unstoppable force. A force uncompeted by any others- Joe!

With all his might he called Joe and in a flash of light the marvelous potato appeared! He sighed and quickly took Officall- I mean the dastardly villains- power. He was but a red old man and ran away, crying to Rsw about Dj being a means. Joe sighed and vanished again.

Dj continued to walk to his dad's and is now content in writing an introduction telling people how to play warden, sadly it was ignored due to Reynolds post.

I hope you enjoyed, and to the tea fein- Officially I hope this is considered for the 500points! I may do more fairy tale type stuff so this idea is claimed by Dj xD.

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