A Very Sonic Cloud Tale

So i figured i would join in on the madness of all this. So here it goes, my introductions. (Please ignore any and all gramtical errors).
(Please note, names have been changed to online handles to make the story clearer if you ever meet them online)

Once upon a time in a city called peterborough, there lived a young boy called Sonic Cloud, Now Sonic always spent all his spare time playing on his xbox talking to his group of friends online, Sonic started up a small community called ....you guessed it, Firebolt..... now this little group was made up of him, jim, and a few scottish people. This group primarily made small videos and played halo. Now Sonic lazed his way through secondary school, and through 6th form studying various computer subjects. At the end of 6th form the school pressured him to go to university, however Sonic didnt really want to. Sonic didnt know what he would do, he knew he wasnt ready to go into full time work but he also didnt want to spend 3-4 years doing a uni course he didnt love. so he did the only logical thing. He called up the local college and signed up to do a software development course. why you ask? because the course was free to anyone under the age of 18, and at the moment sonic was 18 going to turn 19 in the november, so he had to act quick if he was going to get this course for free.

Skipping forward 3 months to the first day of college, sonic couldnt remember what level he signed up for so the college put him into level 2. Sonic knew something wasnt right, He already knew all the things the teacher was talking about. So he confronted the teacher, in which he was rejected. Later that day all the classes gathered in the main hall, it was here sonic saw an old friend Rob(formerly known as canonfish). Rob had attended the same school as sonic. "Oh hey rob, i didnt know you did IT. What level you on?" Sonic asked. "Hey, yeah i got in on the level 3" Rob replied. "but you didnt do any it courses at school, how did you get the level 3 course?".........Just to skip forward past all this Sonic basically found a teacher and forced his way into the level 3 course and just followed rob about while playing ignorant to the classes he was ment to be in.

It was in this class where they met the beast matron(formerly known as Big Dong Donkey Kong but changed it because it was too long to handle......insert obvious joke here). The founders had been formed, while playing on severaly TTT and Jailbreak servers the three of them kept getting banned because nobody wanted to play their way. So Beast Matron did the only logical thing. He started a nameless TTT server for the three of us to play on. But this server needed a name, a catchy name, a name which people would be excited to play on, So sonic stepped up and said "I know, why dont we call it FireBolt". Beast and Rob turned to sonic and said " Thats retarded". Eventually they settled on Gentlemen Gamers. And the rest of the has unfolded since then. Two years later and here we are.

Also the origin of my handle is as thus.
Back in my xbox days i needed a GamerTag, so i wanted something dark, cool and unique so i chose Shadow Slayer, Which was taken, now as you can imagine i spent the next 10 mins trying to find some alternative which would work, But they were all taken. I thought what things do i like, now i love sonic the hedgehog, So Sonic was an obvious choice but what could else could i put on it to make sure i got it. I also loved final fantasy and my favorite character of all time was Cloud. THATS IT, SONIC CLOUD i typed it in "Sonic Cloud" i hit enter.......Taken.........F*ck so i settled on "SoNiC cLoUd 1012"

And that is my story, i will now take questions xD
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