SheDevil's introduction.

This isn't for @Officially's Competition, PROMISE!

Most of you know me as Shewolf and even more are very annoyed at my name change. So to get you all more accustomed to it - I have decided a re-introduction is in order.

My name is Shedevil - (Go away Wolf lovers!) I decided on the name mainly because I can make so many better avatar's than with the wolf. I also chose it because - as many can tell you, I can be REALLY cheeky at times (pushing the boundaries for the win :-D Apologies to whatever warden has to put up with me <3) But I do realise Shewolf ran on the tongue a lot easier than Shedevil does. So feel free to just call me Devil ;)

I mainly play on the Jailbreak server but I can be spotted in all of the others (I WILL get my Melonbomber time to over an hour at some point...) I have managed to somehow get my self a Janitorial position within Jailbreak and although you guys can be REAL stressful sometimes, I love having the ability to make the server more fun for you all <3

More bout the REAL me. My RL name is Emma - yeah I know, real boring :-( Although in my baby health record book it says my name is Alice..... so ummm huh!? I am 20 years old and have completed 2 years of nursery, 7 years of Primary School, 6 years of High School, 1 year out, 1 year of College (Along side my bud @borthy wan kenobi ) and am currently working at an After School club. Which means my life consists of Jailbreak, dealing with children here..... then going to work and dealing with children there....... Yeah, as I have always said - I DON'T WANNA GROW UP!

In case you haven't guessed already, I come form the centre of Scotland, unfortunatley my accent isn't as strong as some people's ( @sporkafish )

And last but not least... I have claimed @Zunni as mine. MINE PEOPLE MINE. Hands off. I have worked hard these past six months on him - you aint getting him back!
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