Officially - Re-introduction!

OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
For the competition I'm doing, I said I'd re-introduce myself as an example.

Hi, I'm Officially. I'm currently a Janitor on Jailbreak and love spending time on the forums (as you can see from my obscene post count). I first came to GG in December of 2014 and fell in love with it because of its quality community. I donated in February 2015 and have been playing non-stop for the past 18 months. I've seen the server grow and change and I hope I'll continue to do so.

Offline, I'm a Brit who lives in the north-west of England and loves drinking tea. Apart from computing, my hobbies include tennis, swimming and the performing arts. For those few who care, I'm an INTP on the Myers-Briggs personality test and am cancer (the star sign, not the disease); just like star signs. I've still got a dog and am proud to say I went to CS:GO Anonymous and am now 2 months sober I rage quit CS:GO forever.

On a side note, I have a Jaffa Cake addiction but think that Hobnobs are the best biscuits (Jaffa CAKES). I can get a bit salty in-game (most staff do over time), but I can actually be on OK person (unlike Rose the baby puncher ;)) if you catch me on Steam or in TeamSpeak.
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