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I'm totally not doing this or anything to encourage others to take part in @Officially 's competition or anything :p

So hey there! My name is Roisin, but I call myself Rose online because 9/10 people can't seem to pronounce my name (for the clarification, it's pronounced Row-Sheen). Most of my family are Irish, hence my name, but unfortunately I lost the accent when I moved to London when I was small - which I still sorta am :( If you're new around here, you'll probably have seen me under the more recent name 'Rsw'. I joined Gentlemen Gamers last year in about July I think, just as the summer holidays started and I've been a Jailbreak Janitor since late October, with a TTT server switch and partial step down to Retired inbetween B)

I have an awful obsession with Marvel, which then lead to an even worse obsession with Robert Downey Jr - he's my baby <3 I'm incredibly talkative so you'll probably see me around on TeamSpeak with a bunch of losers (such as @Kodi ) ;) I spend waaaaaay too much time playing games such as League Of Legends and CS:GO due to being out of education atm #2kewl4skl (dont drop out kids!)

So yeah, I'll probably see you guys around on the server, and if you haven't made one of these then you probably should so the rest of GG can get to know you too ^^ (we don't bite.. honest) <3
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