1000 Forum Sign-Ups Competition!

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If you didn't know already, GG's forums have now got 1000 accounts (excluding the deleted spambot accounts), so I thought that, as resident forum whore, I should do a competition.

What you have to do

Starting today, you have 1 month to write a cool post on the Introduce Yourself section of the forums where you can introduce yourself (obviously). It doesn't matter if you've already done one, posts made in the past month will still count and you can always re-introduce yourself.

I'm not doing this for free! Where's my prize?

The posts will be judged by me (with the consultation of other staff), and the winner will receive 500 points!*

Will you give me any information to help we win?

Bear in mind that shit jokes aren't going to win because it's only me who enjoys them. Try to put time and effort into making a nice post. I'll re-introduce myself to give you an example (I won't participate for obvious reasons), but your post should come from you and shouldn't be a copy of mine.

That's it! Good luck!

*I understand that 500 points isn't a lot to everyone. If there are lots of entrants, I'll up the prize.
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