CrashOverride saying "hi there plebs"

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AIGHT! Ima make this short n sweet n shit,

13, Male, Irish, Galway, Up the RA!!!, I play way too much Jailbreak and I have no idea how to play any other gamemodes, I'm slowly but surely learning to program, I am big into computers computing and anything that has been engineer'd in general. I am very friendly unless you treat me like shit in which case I shall unleash Dvanherck on you, I hate school with a panshin, VIP in the Mix is a good map, I play guitar, this isnt a short and sweet message, I havent used any fullstops, yet. Born 6/11/02, will accept free money, inventor of the Gentleman Gamers Drunk Livestream, bad addiction to youtube, deepweb, anime and other things.... I have a youtube channel, it sucks ass, I cant record because I play on a laptop, Daxorinator on PS4 and some other services, Big fan of RDM, House/Electro music, I play around in Fruity Loops Studio with torrented VST plugins :D I dont know if tehres anything else I need to say feel free to ask questions that I might respond to if I remember to, and remember kids, DONT GO TO SCHOOL, STAY AT HOME PROGRAMMING INSTEAD!
Which Dorny is Best Dorny?
  1. Drunk Dorny, Best Dorny!12 votes
    1. Sober Dorny, Best Dorny?
    2. High Dorny, Best Dorny!
    3. I dont understand,
    4. All of the Above!
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