How to: Warden!

Hi guys, and welcome to the final JB Team guide! I'm finally writing the guide for what many consider the hardest role to take. So, without further ado lets get it to how to warden! The Warden is a special position not accessed by the F2 menu. To become warden simply join guards in the F2 menu and at the beginning of a new round press F4. On our server it's first come, first served meaning you have to be really good at clicking... Or simply git gud internet skrub. Anyway, lets talk about how to Warden and many scenarios you may find!

Stage 1: A normal round!

Step 1- Claim warden and immediately say a command. Sometimes guards can be... lets just say "Thick". Some guards think its a really funny thing to do and open cell doors every round! A regular command to give is: KOS Outside of Cells. This means anyone who goes outside is immediately shot! My favourite chain of commands to give is: KOS Out of cells (Anyone leaves, they die), KOS using doorways (Later used in traps) and KOS Re-entering cells (If they leave and return you can kill them). This assures no one will leave cells and you have already set up a trap (We will talk about this soon).

Step 2- Now you need to create a 'starter day'. This is a day used mostly to kill AFKs and noobs. These days contain Lava day, Bed Day and Execution Day. There are others but to check them out please go to my other guide on forums called Warden games and ideas! This will kill off noobs and AFKs. One thing you can chose to do is tell the guards: No mercy. This means your guards wont give a chance to comply and will kill prisoners straight away.

Step 3- Traps are commonly used by wardens to kill off prisoners stupid enough to fall for it as well as catch some unsuspecting victims >:D. The easiest trap is saying KOS using doorways at the beginning. this will kill people when you turn off out of cells and will rake in the kills unless they are all pro >.< Many traps can be used in which ever way you desire but playing will result in you learning and creating new ones! I would also make note that traps may not be ideal with a low prisoner count so you can have a fun day rather than having 3 survivors.

Step 4- Now its time to play some games (Play SAW music). This is when you'll play many games to entertain everyone and likely slim down the numbers until you have the final prisoner. Many games can be played but you may desire to check out my other forum post (I am soon to make a new one simply filled with these types of games as it is getting a bit stale). This could be Simon says or first reaction last reaction, or maybe a map feature like B-hop or Parkour. The choice is up to you. (If I make a games post I'll put a link In comments).

Step 5- Last Request, also known as LR, is when a prisoner can ask for something to happen next round. This includes things like Freedays, wardays, Hunger games and Purge days. It could also be a competitive game like Gift day or such like. This normally ends in an F4 request to the death! You may chose to deny LR if you have good reason but note they have EARNED it.
Stage 2: The Rebel Problem...

Step 1: Get a guard to be on rebel duty, you are far too important to risk! If you have incompetent guards you may have to hunt down the occasional rebel though.

Step 2: Kill them as soon as possible! You are like a queen bee, without you the hive dies out and have no clue what to do. If you die rebels will rule the prison and murder your poor, stupid drones...

Stage 3: Random Rounds

Step 1- Decide on the round, It could be Warday or something like that. Whatever you fancy and you can do it but note such occasions may only occur 3 rounds in a row before not being able to happen.

Step 2- Have fun xD. GL With the round and try not to be a noob and die.

This guide was rather short even though I state its a very hard position: My reason other than its 12:40 and I'm tired as hell is that a great deal of this comes from experience as you need to play this position to learn it. Being a guard allows you to read a guide and be competent but you also need to practice to learn peoples tricks! Anyway I'm sorry I was so short but the only way to learn is to listen to other wardens and have a go! If I am online and you want an example ask me and If I'm not too grouchy I'll go warden and show you how I play (I am an asshole personally).

Thanks, Dj out!
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