Why do you love Gentlemen Gamers? Your chance to win a game!

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In 140 characters or less we want you to explain to us why you love Gentlemen Gamers, for a chance to win one of the games listed below.
  • Awesomenauts
  • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
We will choose the best two entries and if your entry is picked we will contact you via Steam and let you pick one of the three games on offer. The competition will run for a week and entries will be closed at 00:00 (BST) Monday 11th August.

You should use this format for your entry in the correct section of the forum. The name of the Discussion should be "Why I love Gentlemen Gamers". You should post this in the Competition Entries section of the forum.
  • What is your In-Game Name?
  • Why do you love Gentlemen Gamers? (140 characters or less)
We wish you the best of luck!

Gentlemen Gamers Staff.
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