HELP GUIDE:Commands for jailbreak! Comment if you need any further help !

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Here are just some commands the warden may say to you

1:kos,kos means kill on sight so if your name is called e.g Reynoldsftw is kos then when a guard/warden sees me there can "kill on sight"

lr/f4:this means when your last prisoner you can ask to do something the next round BUT this can be denied be warden if he/she doesnt like your lr, f4 means how your going to fight to the death against the guards instill your dead or all gurds are dead inclouding warden

-KOS Area "Kill On Sight Are"
An area that you will make you be deemed KOS if a guard sees you there.

Death Request
This is sometimes asked of the last remaining prisoner. If asked of the prisoner, they get to choose the way they want to die that round.

LR Competition
Last Request Competition
A competition that normally decides who dies, and who gets LR.

AFK Freeze
Away From Keyboard Freeze
This is where you stop moving completely in the game.

Warden Way-point
means where the warden says "goes to my warden way point or KOS (kill on sight)" you go to the thing saying something on these lines "waypoint 100m or 29m) depending how far you are away from it
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