Herro this is Saif!

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Hey everyone!

So a little bit about me I guess. My name is Saif and no it isn't pronounced "Sa-eef" but it's simply pronounced "safe" (don't make life too hard for yourself lmao). I'm half Jordanian, half Palestinian and I live in Qatar but study in the United Arab Emirates (In Sharjah specifically, which is 10-15 minutes away from Dubai), so I guess you could say that I'm a full pledged Arab. I'm 20 years old (turning 21 in November though). Moreover, I'm currently pursuing a Civil Engineering degree at university (I'm going into my third year of university in like 5 days time, so that should be fun), hopefully in like two years time I should be able to play Minecraft in real life instead of on the PC :^).

I'm completely new to Garry's Mod (A couple of my real life friends were like "Yo, just get this cool game called Gmod ok, because it's fancy a f", and I was like "k", so here I am today). I only have 77 hours put into the game so far (I only got it like a week ago to be honest), but about 2900 of those minutes were spent in the Gentlemen Gamers Jail Break server (Doing the math, that's like 48.33 hours on the server). Doing the math even more, 48.33 hours of 77 hours means that I've spent approximately 63% of my game time on the Gentlemen Gamers Jail Break server and hopefully it'll only increase from here on out because I'm really enjoying the game mode <3.

It's been a nice ride so far. I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of amazing people in game (the community's been really kind so far) and I've made a lot of friends (which is always nice because ermurgurd who doesn't like friends), hopefully it'll only get better from this point forward!

Peace out,
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