"EleGiggle xD, You are a terrible person."

EleGiggle_xDEleGiggle_xD Posts: 4Community_Member
Watup Watup.

I'm EleGiggle xD, and I've been playing on the Jailbreak server for the past week now, commonly with Shotgun. We're both Regulars now, and I thought it'd be good to formally introduce myself.

I'm British, Born in England with Scottish Heritage. I'm 21, and for a living I'm an IT Technician. I'm contracted for a Company, and mainly work at Schools around my area and county. I do a lot of driving :L

I'm a bit weeby. I like Anime, Manga, Ramen, Light/Web Novels, Wuxia and the like. My Favorite game is a tie between Age of Empires 2, Warcraft 3 and Age of Mythology. I also go to Gaming conventions like Insomnia.

You can commonly find me on the Jailbreak server with 30 kills and 4 or so deaths, so feel free to say hi before I take the opportunity to blow your head clean off your shoulders.

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