JukeBox added to all servers!

You asked for it, you got it!

A JukeBox system has been added to all of our servers!

Oh no! What about my ears?
Not a fan of music? Don't worry! The JukeBox is muted by default. You choose when you want to listen.

How do I make it do things?
Players can press F9 or type !jukebox in chat to open the JukeBox. Member+ can search through our approved list of tracks and add them to the queue. It costs 25 PointShop points per song.

They can queue up to 2 songs every 10 minutes, Donator+ can queue 2 songs every 5 minutes.

Can I request for a song to be added?
You can request for songs to be added to the approved list via the 'Add Song' tab. Songs will be accepted if they are of good enough quality and do not violate our rules e.g. no excessive swearing.

Players will be banned from using the request feature if they submit too many inappropriate songs.

"This song is SH*T!"
If players do not like a song, they can vote to skip it using the skip button or !voteskip. The song will be skipped if >55% of listeners vote to skip.

Happy Listening,
GG Staff Team
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