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Hi all, been a while right? Well I thought it was about time to do another guide on JailBreak so here it is. Here is Dj's guide to Guarding! Just a quick note: This guide may be helpful to some and not so much to others. I will post a poll below (If I remember, its like 11:30). Anyway, I hope this guide helps and maybe even veteran players will learn even one tip! So, lets get right into the guide...

Stage 1: A normal round-

Step 1: The Beginning

In the beginning there was a warden, and the warden said [insert command here]. The first thing to do as a guard is to grab a gun. You will naturally spawn with a primary and secondary. If you get something you hate like a rifle or TMP then grab something you like and enjoy using, not only that but something that gets the job done. Now, while this stage is important you must try to spend as little time as possible so as to not waste time or just be annoying and KOS Camp.

Step 2: The Early Game

The Early game is, in my opinion, one of the harder parts of playing a guard. As a guard you must not only be good at murder and protection for the warden but you too must listen to his commands. While prisoners have to listen for life you must listen to get kills. If its a bed day make sure you know. If you have real trouble ask in TEAM chat for a repeat. Now while it is sometimes hard to follow all the orders and to stack up kills you also have to make one thing clear- If someone escaped you let people know. If you find a vent broken and none in a cell then you have a minimum of one escapee so call that in TEAM chat. Not only should you call it out but who smelt it dealt it so it is likely you will be the one looking while the others continue there own guard work. It is important to note who is looking for rebels and when they last reported there location, after all it could be essential to where the rebel(s) are and what weapon they have. Some maps are harder to guard on that others, for example new summer is very difficult to guard on.

Step 3: The Mid Game

This stage is not as difficult and has you protecting more than hunting. In this stage your warden has likely finished with early days like Bed Day and other things and will now hopefully check how many remain, if too many they will likely trick people so be aware if it is so your trigger finger is ready! Soon they will begin to play games or do mini games. This could be anything from B-hop to Simon Says. You will have a calmer time but must watch for rebels and the occasional escapee. On New Summer many will try for an armoury run or into the bottom right cell for a quick escape. This is generally easier than early game.

Step 4: The Late Game

This is by far the likely easiest. I say likely because sometimes its really not! This stage usually has you left with a couple prisoners left you need to kill to leave the LR winner alive. You will likely not do much so make yourself useful and watch them for any bad behaviour. This stage is, in my opinion, the easiest. Now, I said it would likely be some the next stage will explain why it may not be.

Step 5: LR/DR

LR is when a prisoner asks for something for a day next round such as Simon Says or anything. After they will most likely press F4 and be able to chose a DR so they may fight you to the death. This is fun and will make you battle in a glorious battle! This stage is not challenging and is just for fun! Now, what happens in an odd situation... You know, like when every round you have a rebel live!

Stage 2: The Rebel Game-

This stage will help you catch rebels and neutralize them.

Step 1: Knowing your enemy

First off you must know if there is a rebel by counting the living prisoners compared to those you have with you. If you find one or more missing they are now a rebel. If you really want to you can find the missing name. This may or may not help as if you know you have a master of murder your probably gonna bring backup but if its a guest maybe go alone. This information of numbers, names and location should only be discussed in TEAM chat.

Step 2: Locating your Rebel

Now you must find them. Seeing someone run off will easily help know they are going for a gun or a room but if not always check cells first, maybe they are AFK or simply hiding. Many wardens order one to search cells while the other looks elsewhere. Check all locations with secret guns and constantly return to armoury and around the hiding spots. Honestly it is a hard part. Once found reveal it in TEAM chat or if he is volatile then use MIC to call him out if you may die. If they don't know where you are then you have the advantage.

Step 3: Killing the Crook

Now you have to kill him. Depending on guard numbers you may want to bring multiple guards or leave them to protect warden. If you are hunting you should always try to play the smart way. There are two ways to play Jail Break: The stupid way and The Smart way. Stupid will cause you to run in thinking you can kill them as they have a "Worse" Gun and shooting your mag into the wall behind them. The Smart Way will have you use the map to your advantage and slip through the back and use vents. Many things such as roof is assessable from everywhere and can be used to surprise the enemy or simply get a clean head shot with an AWP or another rifle.

Stage 3: What's your real goal?

No steps, just a big wall of text.

Your goal as a guard is one of 3. One of these is what I like to call: The Enforcer. This guard type will follow the wardens orders and will stay close but will probably get the most kills in the Early Game. This guard will kill those failing to follow orders and will likely lose use by Late Game. Another guard is one I like to call: The Protector. This guard stays close to the warden making sure rebels die if they reach him and you WILL give your life for him. With warden dead its a freeday and therefore chaos. Guard him with your life. The final guard is called: The Executioner. This guard will hunt down and kill rebels making sure they never reach warden. This position is likely to change over the game as it may not always be needed, for example if no prisoners are missing your likely to be a temporary Enforcer.

To summarise you must:
Protect The Warden
Kill Rebels
Kill People Not Following Orders

So, that was the guide to guard. I hope you liked and I hope you learnt something. As a final note know I am not the best guard and nor am I the most experienced. Many guards may want to comment there tricks and tips to help you be better. So thanks for reading and please, vote on the poll!

-Dj, out!
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