THE WHALE has arrived ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rumbunctious WhaleRumbunctious Whale Posts: 1Community_Member
Hello, I joined GG jailbreak server today, after not having played GMOD in uhh a year or so. I played as Mockingbae today, but just changed my name back to Rumbunctious Whale, after using Mockingbae for about a year. Yup, really getting back into the GMOD vibes here.

I'm from Denmark btw, any other Danishes play here?

I hope to stay a long time, move my way up the ranks and make myself known ;)

Cya around
  1. Wot?7 votes
    1. Dank Memes
    2. Hillary Clinton's death stare with added lasers being used to annihilate the evidence
    3. Berning up in the hot summer days
    4. Illegal immigrant velociraptors crossing the border
    5. Watching as Ted Cruz goes back to his part time job as the Zodiac Killer since his campaign ended
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