Why we love Gentlemen Gamers

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so i was thinking, GG has recently reached over 2000 members so why not do a competition to see how people would comment about this amazing community but of course there are a few rules. the prizes will be
1st) 1,000,000 Dark RP cash
2nd) 350,000 Dark RP cash
3rd) 150,000 Dark RP cash
(on a side-note i don't have many points, i spent them on Dark RP cash soooooo yeah :/)
Here are the rules
1) do not copy anyone's comment
2) you can only have 1 compliment (no more than 1 compliment for the competition)
3) this is not a insult competition, only compliments ( or Joe might Perm ban you XD)
i will start by saying my comment ( but i cannot win since i created this( and NO COPYING!!)

Gentlemen Gamers Feels like my 2nd home

this will end on the 5th of august 2016 so hurry

joe.aldredWsPa x GoDInge
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