2000 Members Celebration! - Results

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Entries to our '2000 Members Celebration' competition have now been reviewed and ranked by the staff team. There were some pretty tough decisions, especially on who deserved the crown! Here are the results:

1st - (500 points + 'Don't Starve Together' + screenshot featured on loading screens and website)
Bush did 7/11
2nd - (500 points)
3rd - (500 points)
4th - (250 points)
5th - (250 points)

Well done to all of our winners and a big thanks to all who took part. A special mention to TheUndeadReaper who kindly donated the game for the competition!

You can check out all of the entries here. Another competition will land soon!

GG Staff Team

Winners, please add me on Steam so I can give you your prize!
VeloxWsPa x GoD


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    Congratulations everyone and thanks for 3rd place!
  • WsPa x GoDWsPa x GoD Posts: 68Community_Member
    Well done everyone! You all Really did well and put effort in! I didn't win cause mine is irrelevant so you lot got lucky xD jk Ly all.
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