quick question and server etiquette

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Evening folks,

I have a quick question regarding KOS rules. specifically - " If you are found to be in a KOS area, the guards can shoot you. However, they must seize CEASE fire if you manage to escape the area without being killed. "

- I play by the above rule -. However, its a "KILL on sight" is it not? - not "wound until rule has been unbroken". to me this seems to be totally pointless, if it is kill on sight, then its kill on sight.
- would there be a specific place to discuss this?

I also just had an interaction with a staff member on the server that was less than the regular level of politeness, i was following the rules, and did confirm that, but to be spoken to in the manner that i was and accused of rule breaking (by a staff member, against the same staff member), is far below the standards of the staff on this server that is normally present.

I still love the server (and the vast majority of players). and i if i could offer it blood to appease it, i would probably give that a miss and maybe give it a hug instead.

the artist currently know as the baptiste, but thinking of changing shortly Esq.
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