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Hi all, Dj here! This is going to be a series of posts over a few weeks telling you how to play a role in jailbreak. So, let's begin with the basics. The first thing anyone sees when they first log into a JB server - Prisoners. As it says on the tin, your a prisoner. Will you follow orders or start a riot? The choice is yours.

To begin with let's talk about following orders. The warden can issue many orders and make somethings KOS (kill on sight) so listen out for that. It's all very simple stuff like getting on a bed on a bed day or going to a line up point. But as always, it's never that easy. Many wardens, me included, set traps. You need to listen out for things such as KOS out of cells and then they ask you to go. Don't. Simply watch out for tricks. The end goal of following orders is to get LR. I am going to talk about it later in the post but it is a great incentive and very cool.

Now following orders is all well and good but what about murdering your master and making it a free day? Personally I advice having played at least 3 hours before attempting a rebellion. To rebel you can easily fight a guard, then get shot. You need to be smart, don't rebel just for the sake of it. If you have an easy way to escape or find a gun the go for it. Success is not guaranteed as it goes of your skill, the wardens skill, guards skill and a lot of luck. On maps like new summer I advise going for a rifle of sneaking into armoury. Your main target is always the warden as if they are dead your prisoners can help kill other guards and win. Doing this will not get you LR. I would give more details but I think you can discover it for yourself (tips below).

Now for some tips:

LR means you can chose what happens next round, if you want to rebel ask for a free day and using your freedom kill the warden and set the others free.

As a rebel while a spec you can look for vents, guns and cool hiding spots.

Listen to wardens tricks and learn their play style.

Be a bit trolly and lie about your location.

More playtime means more experience so hopefully this quick guide will help you to become a better prisoner. So whatever path you chose hopefully this guide gave you a starter guide on winning life!

Dj out!
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