Love Me!

Hello, Princess shadow here also known as Josh Bennett

You may of seen me on jailbreak or maybe on teamspeak tend to spend most of my life on teamspeak. I am a 20 years old MAN! and currently studying business management at university. My spare time is spent playing games, watching films and tv shows or going out getting drunk. My favourite games are GMod, League of Legends, Overwatch, Skyrim and a bunch of other games. Currently i am obsessed with Teen Wolf (Because its filled with hot guys. Dont Judge!). Plz feel free to add me <3

I am the Cult Leader of a very important group of individuals known as Princess Shadow Appreciation Society ( We are working to spread awareness of the amazing Princess Shadow. Love Him!

I am a very chilled out guy but get very triggered by the small things :) . I can also be a bit of a troll but in a fun way because everyone loves a bit of friendly trolling. Also i love a good bitch and will tend to bitch to anyone about anyone because bitching is healthy.

Anyway i hope to see everyone in game, Spread the love <3
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