Ban Appeal

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Hello mods/admins,

I have recently just started up playing Garry's Mod again after about 10-12 months of being absent. The first thing i did was look for a Jailbreak server (as its one of my favourite game modes) and i see the server i used to play on all the time (which is obviously the Gentlemen Gamers one) and as i click on it, it says im banned for life for gunplanting or something. I know this was last year but i do have a very good memory and i have never gunplanted on any of the servers i have played, i was banned by someone called "Dorny"(STEAM_0:0:95726685).

Just wondering if there is anything you guys can do, as i refuse to play on any of the other servers, because let's face it, they suck.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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