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Hi all, Dj here and I just wanted to open this thread to discuss cool games and ideas for you as a warden. Feel free to comment your own days bellow.

Warday-Warday is a day when guards will be told to go to a specific location (e.g. wardens office) and will have to fight off prisoners. Prisoners are allowed to get guns and attempt to kill guards. This is a fun day to do quickly and if you fancy some PvP.

Hunger Games- Similar to Saturday but Friendly fire is turned on and prisoners fight each other.

Hide and Seek- Guards must say in armoury until a certain time (8:30) is normally enough. Once out they can hunt down and kill the hiding prisoners! Last one gets LR.

Zombie Freeday- like a free day but has a twist to it. Prisoners can punch guards as much as they want but must be crouching and not having guns. If the round is getting dull the warden can 'Mutate' them. This means they could now walk, then Sprint, then use pistols, ect.

Now for some games to play as warden (depending on number of prisoners you should thin out the numbers before)

Shoot or Dont shoot- Warden points his gun at a random person then going down the line asks shoot or don't shoot. To kill some prisoners you can declare the third don't shoot in a row will cause the person to die. This is a good game to thin out the numbers.

First reaction, last reaction- The warden will say first reaction or last reaction followed by a command. If first reaction is said the first one to do the command will die. If last reaction is said the last one to do it does. This could be anything from crouching to a 360.

Red light, green light- Warden will say red light to make prisoners stop and green to go. A location on the opposite side of the area is set. If they move on a red light you can kill them. First one there gets LR.

Simon says- Simon says is a game where if a command is said without Simon says anyone doing it dies. This could be crouching, jumping, ect. The most vital part is to say: Simon says I'm Simon, Simon says we are not playing Simon says.

Gift day- Warden will pick someone or chose themself and prisoners will give a gift that is imaginary. If the recipient likes it they live, if not BOOM. These gifts can be anything, even a duck called alan.

Appreciation day- Warden picks a someone or themselves to rd dive compliments, if they like it you live, if not you die.

How tough are you day- Warden asks how tough you are and if it is good you can live. Depending on warden it could be funny, silly or scary.

Why are you in prison day- Warden asks why you are in prison and if they like it you live, if not you die.

Superhero day- Warden asks your super hero name and power. You may not copy existing hero's. This can be swapped with villains. If they like it you live, if not you die.

Present day- Warden types what's in a box in guard chat. Prisoners must choose to pass or receive. This can be bad such as death or good such as a temporary free day.

Interesting fact day- Warden asks an interesting fact, like it you live if not you die.

Duck hunt- Warden gets all prisoners to go to the diving board (if there is one) and guards can use pistols only to shoot prisoners while they are mid air.

Diving day- Warden gets everyone e to dive, best one wins LR.

Snitch- a good way to finish a round, warden gets 2 prisoners to go back to back. If one crouched the other dies, if both crouch both die, if both stand both live. This happens after wardens says 3 2 1 Snich.

Days to thing out numbers (Do at start of round)

Bed day- be on beds and beds only of KOS
Lava day- Be off the floor or KOS
Exexution day- be hidden in cell of KOS
Touch and face cell door or KOS- what it says on the tun

Traps are also good, here's some I use:
KOS out of cells, then say go to waypoint without saying or KOS
KOS using doorways and say no longer KOS out of cells, cell door is used.
KOS re entering cells then say go to the point in a cell.

With this thread hopefully our wardens can be good and you won't complain there's nothing to do! Comment bellow your days and fun things to do!

-Djharper :D
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