2000 Members Celebration!

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This competition has now ended. Further entries will not be valid. The winners will be announced soon.

First thing's first:
A massive thank you to everyone, staff and players, who have helped make Gentlemen Gamers what it is today. We couldn't have done it without you! In the early days, the founders of the community never once thought it would grow to this extent.

The competition:
To celebrate this milestone, we'd like you to take a screenshot in Garry's Mod which reflects our 2 years as a community and shows a glimpse of each server we run. Of course, this all needs to be themed to a celebration. We obviously recommend using Sandbox to create your scene.

You have until 30/07/16 to submit a link to your screenshot in the comments section below. Please make sure that you upload your screenshot to your Steam profile so we can verify that the work is yours.

Entries are only valid if they are publicly viewable on your Steam profile. You must be a Member to participate in the competition. You can become a Member by typing !joingg in-game and joining our Steam group.

How will the winner be chosen?
Janitors will discuss each entry and pick out their Top 5. The higher staff will then rank the entries from one to five.

The prizes:
1st place: 2nd and 3rd place:
  • 500 PointShop points
4th and 5th place:
  • 250 PointShop points
Once again, a massive thank you for all of your hours of dedication to the servers and community.
The GG staff team wish you all the best of luck!

All submissions will be viewable on our website. It will be updated at least daily.


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