Hello Earthlings (+ Joe)

Sir SoulSir Soul Posts: 5Community_Member
I come from the planet 'X4-Jailbreak-D034', I am currently a fellow 'donatorian' and will probably never become a 'trusted donatorian' due to the fact that I will forever be lacking the citizenship from other planets in the Gentlemen Galactic Group such as 'X4-TTT-D033' and 'X4-DarkRP-D035' (Those places scare me). You may see me on the moons of those planets like 'SX13-DeathRun-SD04' and 'SX13-Guess-SD05'. My current status in this Galactic Group is a teach yourself website designer. and up and coming home game learner. The other members of the planet X4-Jailbreak-D034 regret to inform you that I am here to stay in the Gentlemen Galactic Group hub and forum.

We hope you enjoyed this transmission from the planet X4-Jailbreak-D034, and remember, Happy Rebelling :)
joe.aldredRoseOfficiallyWsPa x GoD
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