Admin abuse

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First of all I do rly like your Jailbreak server I do wish some good for it

today ive meet this guy HeistenBerg :

He annonced as an Wardan that it will be Hunger games day But prisoners were to quick to the armory then we killed the guard as fast as possible it happened 3 times.

So HeistenBerg used hes admin power to Give all the guards Infinite health To make them invincible.

I dident like that and so to the others We called admin abuse on him, he wasent satisfied, i was the one up top of the chat box so he muted me making it give a bad reputation to this server.

Some evidence :
recorded after the abuse this the sceen that i got muted

This what probably HeistenBerg Gonna say " Its Hunger games say You cannot kill Guards'
Well if theres no admins in the server We rdm if we get killed in hunger games ?
You just Trash talking m8
and Yes i am butt hurt so deal with it.
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