Karaoke Night!

OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
I do declare that at 8pm BST (GMT +1), there will be a karaoke party in the karaoke room on TeamSpeak (ts.gentlemen-gamers.com). Let everyone know below if you'll be there and can someone please bring a music bot?


  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member
    I won't be bringing one. Just saying...
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    But I wanted to plan one for this Friday =(
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    This is deja vu with that staff discussion where me wrecking @NICHOLLTRON‌'s music bot was brought up.

    Sorry, @Inge‌. Your comment was what made me think of this but you didn't post it and I really want a karaoke night :((
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    Well...it's a bit early to advertise something for Friday isn't it............................?
  • KodiKodi Posts: 231Community_Member
    We all know that I am amazing at singing and I will totally be there! ;)
  • Princess_shadowPrincess_shadow Posts: 133Veteran
    What day?
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Oh shit on Friday. I forgot to mention :P
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    @Inge‌ I consider anything less than a week suitable notice for a casual event that you won't prioritise over anything else.
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    Whatever, have fun with it
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    Don't worry @Rose‌ next time I'll just make sure I can organize my own ideas. I am actually a good organizer ^.^
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    @Rose‌ that's what I got told at school too. I never remember anything.
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
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